1. Advancing financial literacy on campus and providing awareness to students regarding career opportunities in the financial and accounting services industry.
  2. Holding seminars, workshops, conferences, organized talks and similar setups by investment bankers, risk managers, stock brokers, accountants, auditors, alumni and similar others to prepare students for the practical world.
  3. Honing the investment strategy skills and more importantly eliminating investment shyness by setting up virtual settings leading to real-time investment platform where students can actually participate in stock investing.
  4. Holding workshops, competitions and game play sessions specifically targeting stock investing, risk management, accounting system set ups and tax filings.
  5. Sharpening industry-ready skills involving actual accounting information system setups and tax management and return filings.
  6. Enhancing technology awareness and utilization by holding demo sessions on associated applications, software and online resources.
  7. Providing a platform to network with academicians, industry professionals, alumni working in related industries and other peers.
  8. Arranging industrial trips to experience real-time work settings, to interact and build relationships with individuals established in their fields
  9. Arranging motivational speech sessions to instill confidence and optimism in students
  10. Arranging recreational trips to foster a sense of camaraderie among members and to realize the importance of work-life balance.
  11. Nurturing highly valued skills of hard work, teamwork, communication, stress management along with commercial awareness and social responsibility.
  12. To emphasize the importance of living a socially responsible life and to contribute towards the betterment of society.

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